Most popular fashion events in Germany

Over the centuries, fashion has evolved from old fashion to what we know as modern fashion, fashion is also termed as a way of expressing one’s self. Fashion is expressed in clothing, footwear, makeup, accessories and body piercing. Fashion has the potential to bring people together, it also promotes creativity and also gives a form of identity to individuals or a group of people.

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Fashion has made people identify their strength in being creative, this has brought about different fashion events to showcase how creative fashion designers have become. Below, are a list of popular fashion events in Germany.

1.  PREMIUM Frankfurt

PREMIUM is a fashion trade show that showcases new industry trend, they showcase both women and men’s wears. The fashion trade show displays different brands like

  • BARTS: This is a fashion brand that is into beanies and bikinis supply. It is known for its comfy and high-quality summer and winter accessories
  • Deux Vision: This brand gives a high-class design for both men and women collection, they combine the passion for high-quality materials with skilful lines.
  • Floris van Bommel: Floris van Bommel is a brand that is into the making of luxury men and women’s shoes. They make summer shoes, sneakers, loafers, pumps, espadrilles, sandals, slippers, boots laced shoes, business shoes, brogues and much more.
  • GABBA: This is a denim brand with more than 30years of experience

2. Berlin Fall fashion week

This is an event that showcases different designer’s collections. The last event showcased designs from some top designers such as; Odee, Tom Van Der Borght, William Fan

3. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as the name implies, Mercedes-Benz gives different designers the platform to present their collections. During the Mercedes Benz fashion week Berlin fall, different designers like Mossi, Louis-Gabriel, Fad institute of luxury fashion, showcased their brand collections.

4. Milano Fashion week

The Milano Fashion Week is a fashion event in Milan where different top brands show their creativity. In the fashion event for 2021, top designers like Prada, N021, Fendi, Tods, Etro, Giorgio Armani. Moschino and Max Mara all displayed their top-notch fashion designs.

5. CPD International Trade Fair

CPD gives different brands the platform to display their brands. This trade fair is for women’s wear and accessories. The different designs focus on

  • Luxury women’s wears: These luxury women’s wears are designed for the day, evening and cocktail.
  • Maternity wears: This design focuses on pregnancy and family themes. It brings elegance to maternity wears.
  • Decorates: You need to check out the well-crafted accessories, high-quality bags, scarves and other top items that are used to complement outfits.

6. Gallery Fashion Düsseldorf

This is an annual fashion fair for both men and women and children. They tend to display contemporary fashion, evening wear, menswear, children’s fashion, fascinating accessories and designer brands. The offers at the show include; leisurewear, legwear, shoes, sunglasses, blazers, blouses, pants, hats jackets, jeans fashion, dresses and much more.

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