Renown German Clothing Brands

Clothing is a basic necessity for everyone. It serves as a protection layer protecting one from adverse environmental elements. For example, clothes help shield one from the sun. They also keep a person warm. Clothing also has the effects of creating a person’s identity. Globally, different regions are known to have their specific dressing styles and preferred fashion, making the particular region unique. For example, in the middle east, the Hijab is every day. It is thus correct to state that while clothes are an essential survival aspect, they also give identity to a person. A combination of a good dress code and body shape always gives you a confident attitude. The best way to maintain an appropriate body shape is by taking a healthy diet, which you can always have at German healthy restaurants. Review sites such as will help you to identify reputable German healthy restaurants to have your meals. Some of the renowned clothing brands in Germany are discussed below.

Brief clothing history

Natural elements were used to make the very first clothes. Some of the natural elements that were used include Furs and animal skins, bones and shells and leaves and grasses. At the time, clothes were majorly tied or draped. However, some evidence shows the presence of leather during the early days, including some simple needles made from animal bones. Fur garments are also thought to have been in use about 30,000 years ago. New materials, ways and designs of making clothes have since emerged. Today, we have complex fashion designs and different materials, including linen and cotton, among many others being used.

The German fashion Industry

When it comes to fashion Germany is a global leader. Germany exports its fashion pieces globally. Moreover, Berlin is home to some of the best fashion designers. Below some of the best fashion brands in Germany are discussed.


ASOS is a goods leather luxury brand that Michael Cromer Munich founded in 1976. It has lots to offer to both men and women. They can find ASOS Rucksack’s, Bags, clothing s, accessories, loungewear, underwear and clothing.


Founded in 1948 and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany, Puma is a German multinational company. It manufactures and designs casual clothing’s, athletic footwear, accessories and apparel. It is the third biggest manufacturer of sportswear brands globally. For women, the brand offers shoes in all categories. The brand also offers a wide variety of clothing, including Tops, T-shirts, Soccer jerseys, Hoodies, sweatshirts, sports pants, jackets, Skirt, dresses, shorts and Jackets. In addition, women can also find Puma swimsuits, bikinis, bras, socks and underwear.

On the other hand, men will find Polo’s, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and jerseys. There’s also Jogger, sports pants, Jackets, underwear, swimwear, socks and shorts for men. Puma also has multiple products for children, irrespective of their age. It uses various strategies of marketing, including sales and discounts.

Tom tailor

This is a vertically integrated German lifestyle clothing that was launched in 1962. The brand is headquartered in Hamburg first. For men, Top tailor offer Coats &Jackets, Pants, rope and Jeans. It also offers Swim shorts, Polo’s, and shirts.


This is an excellent, innovative brand that almost every company wants to partner with. ACRONYM is a label driven by pushing boundaries and innovation and dreams of ideas such as the Gravity pocket that will help a gadget such as your phone get into your hand. The label has partnered with various renowned brands, including Nike.

Hugo Boss

Mostly referred to as Boss, and Headquartered in Metzingen, Baden Württemberg, Hugo Boss is a German s luxury fashion established in 1924. The brand specializes in the sale of footwear, fragrances, clothing and accessories. It is one of German’s largest clothing brands and offers clothing for children, women and men.

Jil Sander

This German brand has been in existence for over 50 years, in which it has maintained low-key minimalism. It has, through the years, focused on the perfection of its design, working closely with famous German and Scandinavian designers. The brands continue to maintain its high fashion and minimalist designs.

A Kind Of Guise

A Kind Of Guise is a German clothing brand that focuses on providing quality forward-thinking men’s wear. Its pieces are generally conservative as compared to other menswear. Its collections get inspiration from eclectic themes, including the culture of the Mongolian football. You can always get good quality pieces from this brand.

In conclusion, Germany is majorly known for its technology, and a mention of the country elicits thoughts of cars and machines. However, the truth is that Germany is home to some of the greatest clothing and fashion brands. This article has discussed some of the country’s renowned fashion brands, thus helping the reader select which to go for and which to leave.

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