Types of skirts every woman should buy

After rummaging through the cupboard for hours, we do manage to get an ideal topwear but again it drops us in confusion because we don’t know what to wear along with that. On hot sultry days, women want to ditch pants and wear something more comfortable. At the particular point of time, skirts come as a saviour. Skirts are available in various designs and cuts and almost suits with every topwear. Whether it’s beach or a formal meeting, we can always consider wearing skirts. But it’s essential to know which skirt will suit a particular event, for that here,  there are few types of skirts which you should buy next time when you’ll go out for shopping.

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  1. A line skirts: These skirts are the most comfortable skirts and are popularly worn as casual wear. It has a triangular silhouette, it is fit around the waist and then flares down below. It looks great with tshirt and sneakers. A perfect skirt for summer wear. Length can vary from above knee to ankle.
  2. Pencil skirt: Whether it’s Amy Adams, Kim Kardashian or Priyanka Chopra, we have seen them all, wearing that pencil skirt which has made everyone’s head turn. A classic formal skirt which is slim fit and tapers down towards the knees. It looks great with a crisp shirt and blazer.
  3. Circle skirts: Earlier circle skirts used to be the cheerleaders’ favourite skirt. It’s extremely comfortable and flowy. It hangs effortlessly from your waist. It looks great with tube tops and boots. It’s a good choice for a warm humid day.
  4. Mermaid skirt: If you ever wanted to look as pretty as Ariel from little mermaid but were born as human, you can always try out the mermaid skirt. It is body hugging from waist till knees and then flares out from there. It looks extremely gorgeous. You can wear it with off shoulder crop tops and high heels. It’s a perfect wear for formal parties.
  5. Asymmetrical skirt: It is also known as high low skirts. There is no particular set silhouette of this skirt. It comes in various shapes but it looks extremely fashionable and is perfect for beach wear. Couple it with a bralette to complete that chic look.
  6. Midi skirts: Midi skirts are like circle skirts which end at the height of calfs. If you want to go for an outdoor party, midi skirts look great with a body hugging top and flats. It’s very light weight and comes in various prints.

Women have been wearing skirts since prehistoric times and it still plays a pivotal role in the fashion industry. Without skirts, our options would have always been restricted to pants. So next time when you go for buy clothing and try all the above mentioned combos to make the jaws drop.

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